Always Summer Time

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Winning on wonderful Wednesday

The sea was raging first thing this morning as I ran along the beach. Kris was back home following a new Yoga video. From the time I started my run the clouds began to roll in over the tumultuous waves. My timing was perfect, the rain started falling five minutes after I returned home. Yay!
I've been working on a software project this week, there's more here.
Kris went off to do some more shopping today. I guess a girl has to make the most of her time off work :)
This evening we watched the first Blade movie on video. We went to see the new Blade Trinity movie at the cinema last night. I was sure Kris had seen the first film as I've had it on video for ages. It would appear I was wrong (a rare occasion). This has now been corrected. Both films rock if you like lots of vampire slaying and plenty of blood in a comic book kind of way.
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