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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Holiday Fun

And here we are, Back Again. Christmas day didn't start in the usual and anticipated way this year. We woke up to a warm but very cloudy day, not at all like Summer! We did wonder where in the world we were, briefly, before heading out for our Saturday morning bike ride to Shelley Beach, Manly. Nice day for a ride, too as it wasn't too hot and there weren't many people around to start with. Things were pretty quiet on the streets - lots of Christmas present unwrapping, I suspect!!. We ran into some friends of ours on the way back home for a much anticipated breakfast of Apple and Cinnamon Pancakes (our Favourite) and instead spent a very pleasant hour in their back garden sucking on beautiful ripe mangoes. YUM! The sky started clearing while we were there, too, which made things look a whole lot better and much more Summery. We had a pretty quiet day for the rest of the day - spent between eating and sleeping and reading and finishing off with what I'm told is a traditional English Christmas day event: watching the Star Wars movies.

The last two days have been spent between sleeping and swimming and long beach walks and movies - pretty good holiday stuff, really. I just HAVE to recommend 'The Incredibles' for those of you who haven't seen it yet - it was, well...Incredible!!! It was sooo much fun and very clever, perhaps cleverer than most people would have seen the first time they watched it - I figure it's one of those movies that when you see it again, you see even more than you did the first time. Definitely a good recipe for both kids and grown ups - GO SEE IT!!

I have had the chance to use my favourite Christmas treats (yes, that WOULD be all of them), too. A Huuuge beach towel that wraps around me twice - more like a beach 'Blanket' than a towel, my new yoga kit, AND a great Kylie CD from my very special and most favourite sister. That would be the same Sister who had a pretty magical Christmas herself, because she found a brand new sparkly red mountain bike at the end of her bed this Christmas, courtesy of me. It was SOOOO FUN waiting for her phone call to see if she was excited as I was about it!

And now, here we are, Tuesday morning and back into work and planning mode after a quick spin on our bikes on the balcony, courtesy of our new Mag trainers. Good fun.

Have a great day!


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