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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Full-On Friday

You know the day has been full-on when it starts at 05:30 and you don't get home till gone 23:00!
Kris went to work early and I started the day with a walk and run on the beach. The small white fluffy clouds burnt off as the morning progressed. Leaving a bright blue sky as far as I could see.
After my beach run I was charged up for the day. Good job too because I accomplished a huge amount and I'm now on top of all my deadlines. Not that I don't have a huge amount on my to-do list!
After work Kris came home to pick me up and we went to her work Christmas dinner. It was good to meet the folks she works with, but I can't really remember any of their names or faces now it is the following morning!
Well time for another super Saturday so I guess Kris will tell you all about it later today.
Where ever you are, enjoy your weekend! :)


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