Always Summer Time

Monday, December 06, 2004

Magic Monday

Another fine day with blue skies and warm summer sun making everything sparkle. Kris made a leisurely start to the day as she didn't have get folks running around this morning. I did a gentle exercise session this morning. I cant go too hard until my neck is 100%, which thankfully it very nearly is.
This morning I did some writing from home before going into the city for a couple of meetings. As Kris had the car I ventured on the bus this time as it's faster than the ferry, if a little less fun.
My Tablet PC still seems to stop meetings dead, come on guys Tablet PC's are old hat now. Both Kris and I have a Tablet PC each and they feel like the norm for us.
Kris got back some time after me this evening, so I've had some time to catch up with listening to PodCasts and reading the news.
This evening everything has cooled down considerably as a breeze is blowing and clouds are gathering overhead.
time for dinner now, so until tomorrow...


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