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Friday, November 26, 2004

Thanksgiving Thursday

We may be in Australia, and out of season for the Harvest Festival, but we're still in touch, even this far away! Not only was the weather spectacular all day, but we finished the day off by visiting some very special friends of ours, Deborah and Ben Bradley for a Thanksgiving Feast and some sensational shared time.

After I spent much of Thursday morning gathering ingredients for a traditional Thanksgiving Pumpin Pie, and wondering at the same time how this vegetable (that every good Australian knows to be a very good ingredient for a sumptuous soup) was EVER going to make a delicious dessert, I set about creating it. With recipe in hand and faith in my heart that my friends were not playing some cruel joke on me, I followed the instructions, adding a few variations of my own as we needed a dairy free version. I am now here to tell all Aussies and other non-initiates to this fabulous dish, that some liquids do solidify under the influence of heat AND that pumpkin(aka Cow Fodder by my coach and seafarer, David Adams) was made for higher purposes than soup, scones and even cows. Pumpkin Pie ROCKS!

Huge Thank yous to Ben and Deborah and some new friends and fellow foodies: Audrey, Stacey, Craig, and Tyler for a fantastic night that we all enjoyed.

PS if you want the recipe, check it out on


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