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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Bonus Day!!

OK, so we're back again today, and after the effects of yesterday's bike ride being so apparent on our bodies last night, I wasn't sure just how 'sunny' today would be. (believe me: we were sore, and the description of 'stumbling to bed' was an understatement. We crawled and 'ouched' and 'ow!-ed' a lot on the 10-step trip to our bedroom from the lounge-room last night. It even hurt to lie down! Any-hoo, today was our lucky day: we woke up close to pain free, and I was thinking today was sunnier than any day I could remember, even though the sky was covered in a white/grey sheet of cloud and the temperature was cool.

No lie-ing in for me - I was so excited just to be pain free that I had to get up and get moving. OK, the call from Mum and Dad at 0800 hrs did have a little to do with it, but after chatting with them we were off to check out the beach. Not much activity down there today as it really was pretty cloudy and cool. This meant that the usual Sunday morning hordes of 'Nippers' were down to only a few diehard 7 year-old Dee Why Swans and that there was plenty of beach to walk on. A quieter beach, but definitely not as fun a beach as last week. You just have to see these kids to believe it! It is real entertainment watching them go through their Sunday morning club activities, guided by the many Mums and Dad's needed to keep them safe and under control. At any one moment, there can be 25 eight year olds running and laughing for all they're worth into the sea, (like lemmings) while a bit further up the beach another group is diving into the sand, hands outstretched, reaching, reaching for one of the the few sticks stuck into the sand in an event called 'Flags'; and somewhere in between are what look like at least 50-60 five year olds running into the surf until they're ankle deep, turning to their right around a responsible adult and running along the beach in the water for about 25 metres until they get to turn around the next responsible adult and head out of the water and right back up the beach to where they started! Lots of wooping and yelling and laughing and giggling - it's inspiring.

While things were relatively quiet on the beach, Neil and I took a walk up the beach and returned before heading home for a quick shower, a great breakfast and a trip to the Mall for some items that were less essential than yesterdays purchases. We emerged from the Mall after about an hour with a couple of pairs of 'Boardies' for me, and a new shirt and pair of knee length trousers for Neil. Man! That place was Manic, EVEN at 11am. It's amazing what power TV and print marketing media has over us - it's frightening, really!!

After our escape was made good from the Mall, we lunched, slept and of course there was the requisite nerding-out. (Neil's real place of repose is in front of his beloved computer!) A good thing, though as our store has been launched and the link can be found on the right hand side of this page, AND I'm Skyped up!! Haven't had the chance to use it yet, but can't wait until my FRIENDS accept me to their Skype lists!


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