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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Super Saturday

After a wonderful week of fun and excitement, it was time for a super special Saturday.
After a late start ;) we got on our bikes for a couple of hours cycling.We ended up cycling through a number of different terrains including roads, marshland, sandy tracks and best of all some rainforest!
of course plenty of hills with the ups being an average speed and the downs being a little faster than Kris would like :)
After we got home, had a big feed and washed, we headed off to the mall for some entertainment.
We bought some essentials and did a fair amount of window shopping. Only one month till Christmas and it seems like the world was out at the mall ensuring they reach the limits on their credit cards!
Super Saturday continued back home with some reading before dinnertime.
Dinner was accompanied by watching Ronin on DVD.
We were feeling pretty sore after our bike ride and stumbled into bed.
Untill tomorrow...


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