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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Terrific Tuesday!!

Big lie in today - didn't get up 'til 7 am and made our way straight to the beach for a run. Enthusiam waned to an all time low when the rain began to fall from the sky at the rate of small bucket-loads and the temperature dropped another 5 degrees C, so we made our way back home for the balcony blitz session which involved creative use of a couple of our skipping ropes, the swissballs, some weights, the all important workout music tracks AND the oven timer. We had fun, and no complaints recieved from our downstairs neighbours. With the morning workout completed, it was time for me to head off to a meeting down by the beach (no, it wasn't a spiritual guidance meeting with the Ocean) and Neil to get stuck into his latest projects.

As for me and my latest projects, I'm seriously looking at taking on a Playtime Fun and Fitness Franchise. I've been meeting with the team for the last week or so and I have to tell you, this is THE BEST concept I've seen in group fitness training EVER. We are talking a morning session starting at 6 am and 48 Big Kids playing Crab Soccer, Rob the Nest and Red Rover, AND we're talking about the same Big Kids getting some serious working over in strength training and cardio circuits. This is Serious Fun and Serious Fitness all rolled into one. All fitness levels are catered for. Everyone starts and leaves the session with smiles on their faces, and in between they work hard. And they get results. Since the latest research shows that average Australians are now more overweight and fatter than their American counterparts, it's a good thing that this unique programme has been brought to life by it's creator James Brabon. Check it out and sign up:-

That's all for me today, I have to be at Coogee for tomorrow's cardio session, which means leaving here at 0500 hrs!


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