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Monday, November 22, 2004

Magnificent Monday

For Kris the day started before the sun awoke. I was half asleep and remember her getting up but no more. The reason for Kris’ ungodly hour of rising was fitness training. She had to get down to Coogee to help a bunch of folks get fit.
I arose at the more sensible time of 6:30 to do a weights session. Certainly feels like we are both getting back into shape again now.
I got working on a couple of projects for clients that I can’t discuss here for confidentiality reasons. Some of the work I did today that I can discuss is the work on my website for the forthcoming book. eXtreme.NET. I’ve set up my eXtreme .NET store now as well.
Kris got back from her training at around 10am. Time for me to take a short break and we wandered down to the shops to grab a snack. For me it was back home for work and for Kris it was back home for a nap to catch up with her sleep.
I had to go out this afternoon for some meetings. The meetings were of course magnificent :)
Now this day is nearly over and it’s time for dinner. What’s cooking Kris?
Until tomorrow….


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