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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Power Blog!!

Well, here we are on an absolutely sensational, sunny Sunday, after a pretty good Saturday filled with activity and before that Friday, during which some more of those trillions of neural pathways seemed to have connected:- meaning that I'm starting to make some sense of the 'greek' I've been wading through for the last week. All is good. In fact all is Spectacular. To top it off, I've just been distracted from this blogging task of mine because I was able to chat (IM style) with a special friend of mine in Seattle - Mayna. I always feel so good when we get the chance to chat!

It's around midday on Sunday here, and we've just re-installed the 'One Tonne Breakfast' into our lives after a great bike ride. Yes Folks, this cereal and fruit breakfast weighs in at a whopping 1000 Calories (give or take 30-80 cals) and was discovered accidentally a few years ago when Neil and I were both trying to drop some weight and wondering why we weren't. The ensuing energy count discovered The Truth and made us laugh A LOT!! :)

Yesterday was spent doing some of those mundane and yet often difficult to avoid tasks like cleaning the house and washing the clothes. These tasks seem to take an extraordinary amount of time in my books, but anyway, with them out of the way, Neil and I headed down to Manly for a late brunch with a couple of new aquaintances who were in town for the weekend. It's always interesting meeting up with people you've only seen suited-up before, but perhaps a measure of the potential for friendship was that we did recognise each other at the rendez-vous point, without having to look too carefully. Brunch was interesting and activated, with all sorts of conversation topics being covered and questions being answered as we learned about each other, each other's ideas and our views on the world. With that finished, Neil and I headed off to the Mall for a quick shopping expedition to increase Neil's shorts and shirt wardrobe before his trip to Singapore next week. We got home in time for me to leave for a Christmas gathering being held at Coogee by "Playtime Fun & Fitness" owners, James and 'M', from whom I am looking to purchase a License to operate the Playtime activity groups in the northern beaches area here in Sydney. Busy Day with lots of fun attached!


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