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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Thoughtful Thursday

As Kris mentioned yesterday this was my first big day out after my sore neck incident. Well it was a good day and I did a fair bit of running around having all the meetings I had postponed earlier in the week. It’s great to go to a meeting by ferry.
For Kris it was another day of learning at her new contract and it seems like some of those neural networks must be starting to establish themselves.
We had to get home reasonably promptly this evening as some of Kris’ gear from the Olympic campaign in Europe this year was being dropped off at home. I picked Kris up and we headed home.
Unfortunately Kris now shares the same experience as me when it comes to shipping stuff around the world. Some of the things you ship mysteriously disappear. I guess it must be the shipping equivalent of the sock monster that eats random odd socks. The freight monster eats random items that you send around the world in crates.
Untill tomorrow...


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