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Monday, December 13, 2004

Monumental Monday

Today has been monumental in more than one way.
Firstly it has been monumental the same way that a 20 meter stone phalus pointing towards the sky is monumental. Why? well Kris left for work at 6:30 this morning and only just got back at 8pm. This was real work at her 'new' job. Running around a field getting people fit was not involved in any part of it. This was a monumental marathon of sitting behind a desk doing software testing.
Secondly it was monumental in the same way that I feel some symbol of my achievment should placed in a dominant position for all to see. Why? Because I have completed a load more work and my task list is starting to become managable again. I finished an article that has been hanging around for some time and made good progress on another series of exercises that I'm putting together for my eXtreme .NET website.
Thirdly it has been monumental in that my inbox is actually empty. During my long flight to Singapore and back I managed to sort through all the email in my inbox and that is a big step forward. I haven't had a clear inbox for nearly a year now!
How has your day been monumental?


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