Always Summer Time

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Hey there everyone!! Long time no write,no read. Things have been pretty busy'round here and not to the regular pattern. Neil left here for a few days in Singapore on Wednesday morning and returned last night. I'm sure he has plenty to tell you about and will leave it to him. As for me: with Neil away and the project at work hitting a bit of turbulence here and there, I thought it wise to spend a little more time working into the evenings than I have been and wasn't getting home until quite late at night. I'm the first to admint that blogging wasn't ranking amongst the highest things on my 'to-do' list after a long day at work.

One thing I did make time for this week was taking a look around my work environment and realising just how tough my new life is. hem hem. One of the things I've failed to mention is the fact that I'm on the third floor of a tower building in North Sydney. We have GREAT BIG windows that just happen to look right across the harbour to the Harbour Bridge. In the left corner of the window is Luna Park and in the right 'corner' is Pier One and further right still, are all the little coves of the harbour as it winds it's way westward to become the Parramatta River. Mmmm. Yep. Tuff Life. NOT.


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