Always Summer Time

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Top Tuesday

Another slow start for me today, but Kris was out and at work by 8:30 am. I got my walk on the beach while listening to PodCasts on my phone. My work day didn’t start until 10am.
I am mostly doing review work this week. Reviewing the first edition of my book for any issues and reviewing the manuscript for someone else’s book. Reviewing documents is so great on the Tablet PC! I’ll probably write some more about this on my other site.
For all our readers in the northern hemisphere celebrating the winter solstice this week I’d like to tell you how totally gorgeous today has been. Skies so blue and sun so shiny. The glistening of the sea and the warmth of the air. :)
Talking of the sea, this evening we went out to see Ocean’s Twelve. This is a great movie, slick, fast paced, loads of fun and overall good entertainment. I think it helps to have seen Ocean’s Eleven before hand, which Kris hasn’t. But she still enjoyed the movie immensely.
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