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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Salmon Saturday

Ok, so it's Sunday while I'm blogging - its the Weekend:) !! I have to tell you about yesterday's breakfast which we shared with two of Neil's friends at the South Steyne Cafe, a favourite treat food haunt for Neil and I. It was a perfect Summer's morning setting with plenty of conversation and amongst other things, our friends asked if 'doing breakfast' was a regular thing for us. It isn't, although we did have a very late breakfast there with some new friends of mine about two weeks ago and we had to relate the 'ordering' story to them which was quite amusing at the time: Two weeks ago I ordered last (it's generally the best way to do things when you want a variation to the menu's offerings). I ordered a Mushroom Omelette with no other additives. The waitress then confirmed my order for a SALMON Omelette and I of course corrected her saying, "No Salmon, thanks, just a Mushroom Omelette". She then reconfirmed that I wanted a Mushroom AND Salmon Omelette, and I asked again for a Mushroom Omelette only, no Salmon. This went back and forth four times! Somewhere, that waitress had Salmon on the brain and she couldn't shake it. It was pretty funny and we had a good laugh about it at the time.

Having related this story to our friends, it was time to order. I ordered second-last this week and while I was ordering my Mushroom omelette with an Avocado side, Tammy suggested that I might like Salmon, which I ignored until after I'd given my order and the waitress had confirmed it as a Mushroom omelette. Marty ordered last and requested an omelette with spinach and tomato. All ordering done we resumed our conversation until our meals were brought to us........and YES, there was a Salmon Omelette delivered....for Marty!!

Too funny! We're now convinced that the South Steyne Cafe either has just one Salmon Omelette they're trying to get rid of, OR there is some kind of 'Gary Larson' indoctrination going on there along the lines of...'Seeeell the Saaalmon....Seeeell the Saaalmon...." Given the beautiful quality of the food that comes out of the kitchen there, I very much doubt the former option.

The error was quickly corrected and we enjoyed the rest of our breakfast time together on a perfect Summer's morning by the sea at Manly, before riding home again to Dee Why and getting into the sea ourselves.

The rest of the day was spent doing the grocery shopping, sleeping and enjoying a Hen's night dinner for a friend of mine at a Spanish club which didn't finish up until the wee hours of this morning. All in all, another very full and fun day in perfect summer weather.


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