Always Summer Time

Sunday, December 19, 2004

So very Sunday

Today has been more Sunday than I can remember a day being in some time. A warm (hot?) breeze blowing from the north and clear blue skies meant we had “maximum fan-assisted oven” temps. Perfect. After breakfast I stretched out and had a nap till midday.
Midday is for “mad dogs and Englishmen” and I certainly fall into one of those categories. So out we went into the sunshine and down to the beach. The surf was lovely. The sea is starting to warm up now and it must have been around 20C.
We spent a couple of hours in the afternoon at the mall. Kris was shopping for clothes which she failed to do. She did however try on a number of outfits, which she seemed to enjoy.
The evening presented us the choice of going the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron for some sailing awards. Every New South Wales Olympic sailor had been nominated for one award. It was fairly clear who would win it though.
The event was sponsored by BVLGARI. There was a lot of overpriced ‘stuff’ (I’m not sure what to call a collection of watches, perfumes, jewels and handbags) around. Kris bought a raffle ticket to win a watch. She bought the wrong ticket.
This makes three nights out in a row for Kris. It’s that time of year, with Christmas approaching at the end of next week. The preparations for celebrating winter solstice in the middle of summer are well under way in this upside-down back-to-front yrtnuoc.


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