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Friday, December 24, 2004

Furtive Friday

Kris had the day off work today, so we started the day with a trip to the beach. I did my beach run and Kris did some exercise and stretching on the beach. We finished our exercise session in the best possible way by jumping into the sea.
Although Kris had the day off I have a lot still on my to-do list and so I was sitting at my desk by 9:30 and Kris was on her way out for a Christmas Eve shopping adventure.
I assumed Kris would be back by lunchtime, but no sign of her. This was actually a good thing because I could get on with work without disturbance.
This evening when Kris returned she was very secretive about her excursions. I suppose I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to find out what she bought.
Now it is the night before Christmas and, while I am typing up this entry, Kris is busy tidying the house. I often wonder if females have a special hormone that gets released the day before ‘important’ days. This hormone races through their bodies and forces them to run around cleaning. If anyone else has studied this in more detail please let me know.
Whatever you are celebrating tomorrow make sure you have a fantastic day.


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