Always Summer Time

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Living Life

Guess What?!! I've discovered there is not only life after 'The Games', there is a lot of fun I've been missing out on! Not that I didn't have fun, but that this is different fun. Neil and I have been very busily enjoying summer spending time with friends and most importantly, each other. We've been to Wedding celebrations, breakfast at Manly beach with our 'Gang', snuck inthe odd Movie and we've had time to spend with Kathy and Shaun and their little boy, Ethan. We've most recently been to Coogee beach in Sydney's south eastern corner to enjoy breakfast with other friends, Adam and Anastasia and their two little girls, Evie and Ruby (or is that Stavroula?) and Ben and Deb have dropped in for an after-work swim and feed. It feels so positively luxurious and fortunate! I know we have pictures and I'll let Neil post them. Bottom line is that we are having fun, getting things done and enjoying ourselves. Cheers!!


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